About Our Company

We are a consulting firm and part of the Adansonia group of companies with offices in Mauritius and Singapore. Adansonia’s operations include a licenced offshore management company and a permanent capital investment vehicle.

We provide consulting and project management services relating to:

• Debt and Equity Capital
• Mergers, Acquisitions and Disposals
• Corporate Structuring and Restructuring
• Valuations – Company, Property, Intangibles and Derivatives
• Due Diligence Investigations
• Financial Forecasting and Modelling
• Private Equity and Venture Capital
• Government Funding and Investment Incentives
• Employee Share Incentive Programmes
• Securitisation

Company Executive

Terence Kretzmann
Managing Director

Terence Kretzmann

B.Com, B.Com (Hons), M.Com (Financial Management)

Terence has over 17 years’ experience in corporate finance and has previously served as the CFO of a JSE listed investment company and as Head of Corporate Finance for a LSE premium listed company. He has worked on several successful capital raisings, restructurings, listings, de-listings, mergers and acquisitions, and private equity transactions in various industries, mainly across Africa, for both listed and unlisted companies.

Terence holds a Masters in Financial Management from the University of Cape Town, with specialisation in advanced corporate finance, valuations, strategic cost management, portfolio and risk management, capital markets and finance. 

Terence relocated to Mauritius in 2019 from South Africa, and in 2021 established Kilima Corporate Finance in partnership with Adansonia Holdings.